Olympus Trip 35 Test shots

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Besides the camera, I also highly recommend the two books.

Bought a film camera on sort-of impulse! I say sort-of as I spent two days looking up videos and reviews. Basically I’ve spent a couple of days clearing and backing up photos that I’ve taken in the last two years, and I haveĀ a lot of photos. With digital cameras there’s a tendency to just take a million shots every time, so I was thinking of experimenting with film to break myself from this habit.

I saw that the Olympus Trip 35 are pretty cheap, apparently because there are so many on the market because so many were made and they’re of great quality and have aged well. There are also so many reviews talking about how incredible it is, so I was intrigued. I went around Chinatown, mostly in the Amoy Street and Club Street area

Some reviews were praising how sharp all the colours were, and I was getting a bit worried that I wouldn’t see anything differently from my Sony RX100. But I’m really pleased with how most of the photos turned out, and how rich and creamy the colours are. I’m a little puzzled at why the photos at the end of the roll are a little fuzzier, and am going to be more careful with my settings next time. The results are still pretty encouraging though. The camera’s loaded up with a roll of black and white film now, and I can’t wait to shoot again!

Shot with an Olympus Trip 35, with Kodak Ultramax Film, ISO400.


Olympus Trip 35 Test shots